Dear Massi, My husband is always arguing with me about my makeup.

I don’t think it is strange that I take 45 minutes getting my face ready but he gets really angry.

He says he hates how my eyebrows are coloured in and that my fake lashes freak him out.
He says my nose looks too thin after I contour it. He says my contouring on my cheeks looks like someone has punched my face and bruised it.

He even said that my lips look too fake after I add lip liner and that he can’t take me seriously when I wear coloured lenses.

He has threatened to cut my credit card in half so I can’t buy anymore products.
I wear makeup to look good for me. Why is he trying to tell me what to do?

I got really upset when he said that the filters make me look like someone completely different when I post pictures on Instagram.

I think he’s jealous of me.

Massi Says, It is perfectly reasonable to wear makeup to boost your self-confidence and to make yourself feel good.

However, if your husband tells you that he feels you have transformed your appearance significantly, you may want to consider his comments.

You have reacted rather defensively to your husband saying he prefers you looking natural. That is a compliment and not a sign that he is jealous of you.

Why not reach a compromise with your husband with the amount of makeup you wear. After all, if you asked him to change something about his appearance, you would expect him to follow suit.