Dear Massi, My fiancé has embarrassed me in front of my family.

It was his third visit to the house and he asked to use the bathroom. Soon after he said he had to leave and made his mum get up.

Then my little brother came running down the stairs and shouted ‘Someone has blocked our toilet’ in front of everyone.

My dad was so annoyed and now it has become a joke every time my fiancé’s name comes up.

I am so unhappy as things have got off to a bad start. I can’t get it out of my head.

Massi Says, This really is not an issue to get worked up about. Your fiancé is probably far more embarrassed than you about this episode.

It is rather over dramatic of you to respond in this way and to say he has ‘embarrassed’ you.

If members of the family continue to make jokes about this, tell them to be mature and move on from laughing at someone else’s expense.

Rather than dwelling on this trivial episode, why not focus on the fact that you are getting married and think about the positive qualities of the man you are going to be spending the rest of your life with.