Dear Massi, I am a therapist and I specialise in giving deep tissue massages.

My friend's husband came into the clinic with a thigh strain.

I didn't know it was him beforehand until I walked into the room. 

I did find it a little awkward but as a professional I just carried on. 

The more I massaged the thigh area, I clearly saw him getting aroused. 

He suddenly started talking about random things, like the new teacher in the mosque and a new restaurant that has opened up in town.

I suppose it was his way of trying to stop that thing from happening.

I couldn't even get anyone else to replace me and finish off the treatment, so I had to finish.

Now his wife has invited me and my husband and kids to their daughter's birthday party at their house in 2 weeks time.

I didn't tell my husband what happened. But I don't want to see my friend's husband. It will be way too awkward. 

Massi Says, As a therapist you may have encountered a variety of customers presenting different conditions.

However, in your capacity as a professional therapist, it remains your duty to maintain that demeanour.

As embarrassing as the situation was with your friend's husband, it was an inadvertent reaction to the treatment.

He was probably more embarrassed than you, hence his attempt to converse with you so as to distract you.

Rather than magnifying this situation, try not to bring it into your personal domain.