Dear Massi, My dad is a pervert and doesn’t act his age. It’s embarrassing.
He still thinks he is in his twenties and single.

When I was younger I didn’t notice it as much, but as I have gotten older it is becoming very difficult to live with. I think my mum has noticed but she chooses to ignore it.

I am 18-years-old now and he can’t hide the fact that he has issues when it comes to women.

When we are driving he always makes a point to look at women. In town he is always looking at women and makes a point of standing close to some women and peering at them.

He has no shame. I see him sometimes on his phone looking at pictures of women. 
Once I had to reset his phone and on WhatsApp groups he was talking about all sorts of nonsense with his middle-aged friends.

On Facebook he likes and looks at all sorts of pages. My friends have mentioned it to me.
He even makes comments on women’s Facebook posts.

My sister is really embarrassed because sometimes he makes comments on her friend’s Facebook page.

I have mentioned it once and he denies it and tells me to shut-up.

Massi Says, You are right to feel embarrassed by your father’s antics.

In some respects, what your father does in his private life is his personal business, and as such, he has not committed any tangible offences.

However, he should be wary of his behaviour when he is with his children.

Your mum may well choose to turn a blind eye to your dad’s behaviour, perhaps it is her coping mechanism. You, on the other hand, do not need to take a conciliatory stance.
Whilst your father is entitled to having privacy when talking to his friend’s on WhatsApp, how would he feel if he were to find out his children were engaged in a similar type of dialogue with their friends?

If your father is not receptive, talk to your mother and tell her how uncomfortable it makes you feel. Perhaps she can talk to your father about this issue.

Rather than using an accusatory tone, instead, tell him how uncomfortable you are made to feel.