Dear Massi, My problem is an embarrassing one, and when you read it you can understand why I can't ask anyone I know.

My husband is very sweet and gentle, and very appreciative of my cooking. He is a good man and a religious man.

However, he has an obsession with watching me urinate.

I have never had a boyfriend, so I don't know much about intimate behaviour.

To be honest, I still get very shy about changing in front of him, so you can imagine that sitting on the toilet while he is watching me is too uncomfortable.

He says it is not haram as we are married. 

Is there something you can tell me to do or say to him?

Massi Says, There will always be various schools of thought when it comes to implementing religion into daily life.

Whether you agree with a school of thought or not, that does not mean that you must necessarily be comfortable with the act in question.

You are very honest about your relationship.

Talk to your husband and explain that you are too shy to do what he is asking and that you find it uncomfortable.

You should not feel compelled to do something that makes you feel this way.

Ask him if there is something else he would like you to do instead, and in turn perhaps tell him if there is something you would like from him too.

Communication is key in a healthy marriage and open dialogue when it comes to emotions and feelings.