Dear Massi, I have been in a relationship for nearly 5 years but ever since I have been talking to other girls. 

Fast forward, I have been seeing two other girls who have fallen for me and I don't know what to do and who to pick. 

They are all as good as each other and have genuinely amazing personalities with good careers however none are aware of my other relationships. 

I have created a vicious triangle and I'm always trying to cover up my tracks to avoid being caught and have three phones. 

Massi Says, You have indeed created quite a dilemma for yourself.

It must be incredibly stressful and exhausting managing three relationships simultaneously.

However, I must point out that you have inflicted this 'vicious triangle' on yourself.

You are effectively being dishonest in each of your respective relationships.

It would be a fair assumption to make that none of these women would choose to be with you if they knew that you were cheating on them in this way.

Being honest with the women about the relationships may not sound like an appealing thing to do.

You cannot continue in this way. It is unfair to these women, and it will only continue to aggravate your own personal stress levels.

If you are unable to be satisfied with just one of these women, I suggest you end each relationship, and take some time out alone to determine what exactly you want from a relationship, and think about whether you can be loyal to just one woman.