Dear Massi,  I got into some volunteering and seen a girl I like.

I first noticed her when I registered in a particular department. 

All of a sudden I noticed her looking at me quite frequently. I only wished  I had the opportunity to talk to her again.

I want to at least know whether or not she's married but it's not something  I would directly ask.

I did speak to her on the phone regarding some paperwork but that was back then.

I am now volunteering in a different department and feel it's not likely I will bump into her again.

I don't want to ask anyone else about her as I am fairly new there and don't want to come across unprofessional in anyway.

The other issue is, I happened to meet a girl at a random shopping centre as strange as it seems.

I got talking to her and exchanged each others Twitter details, and unexpectedly she got into a conversation with me and then we exchanged numbers. 

Now I feel I'm getting cold feet, as she only just mentioned to me she is divorced and it seems she doesn't wanna rush into anything which I understand, and said she only wants to be friends.

I did say why can't we get to know each other and see how things do. She only seems to text me when I reply first and whenever I ask if she wants to talk she says shes busy but she does reply to texts but I  don't know what to make of this situation.

I'm just trying to keep my options open as I'm not committed to either girl.

Thing is I've been in this situation before. Girls seem to want time pass and not get into anything serious.

I have attended marriage events and feel that I'm struggling to find someone compatible and serious about marriage. 

I know looks aren't important but I'm sure I have something about me but more importantly have a nice personality. I don't know whether it's down to my financial situation at the moment as I'm not working. I am 29 years old.

I had left my previous job a few months back and want to get into something I enjoy.

Massi Says, It seems that you are ready for a committed relationship. However, you need to now manage your priorities.

Rather than rushing into getting to know different women, think about what appeals to you and what qualities you like in a woman.

Instead of talking to several women simultaneously, it would be better to focus on one woman at a time.

You have also highlighted the fact that you are not working yet.

If you are considering marriage, it is worth looking for work before making a serious commitment.

If you are attending marriage events, it will certainly boost your profile if you can say you are working.

You say that you want to find work that you enjoy. 

Explore your options to see what genre of work you would like to get involved in.

Volunteering is a great way to delve into different areas and learn new skills when one is not working.

As I said, take your time when making life changing decisions.

Stay positive and concentrate on achieving one goal at a time.