Dear Massi,My cousin he's 19 stayed with us with his younger sister for a week when his parents went to Pakistan in a family emergency.

While they were with us, we thought it was a bit odd that he was staying up late after we all went to bed.

He said he was studying but when I checked the history of the computer, I saw there were loads of bad sites.

For the rest of the week I noticed a pattern. He was staying up late 'studying' on the computer and then he would disappear into the bathroom to have a shower.

When my parents asked him why he was showering in cold water at midnight, he got really flustered and said he liked to have wudu before he slept.

Now his parents are going away again for a couple of days and he might be staying with us again.

It makes me feel disgusting when I see him. I don't want him in my house again.

Shall I tell my parents so they can make sure he doesn't stay with us?

Massi Says, You should not be made to feel uncomfortable in your own home.

It appears that your cousin was misusing the internet whilst staying in your house.

In order to avoid this recurring, you can place filters on your home internet to ensure pornographic content cannot be accessed.

If you feel this is not sufficient and that the presence of your cousin will make you feel uncomfortable, tell your parents that their nephew was viewing inappropriate content.

If they are in doubt, show them the history that you viewed on your computer.