Dear Massi, I've been married a few months now and we have been planning our honeymoon.

It got delayed as we hadn't figured out where to go.

We were talking about it with his mum before we booked, and somehow he ended up inviting his mum on our honeymoon.

I know his parents argue a lot, and she started saying she didn't want to be alone in the house with her husband.

She started crying saying she wouldn't be able to survive 2 weeks on her own with my father-in-law.

My husband felt sorry for his mum and said she could join us.

Afterwards I had a right go at him, but he said that his dad has a drinking problem and he didn't want to leave his mum alone to deal with his dad's angry outbursts.

I can't really say anything now as I will look like the evil daughter-in-law.

But is it fair for his family problem's to become my problem?

I deserve a honeymoon and now because of his parents, I won't get one.

Massi Says, It is clear your husband feels torn between going away with you whilst knowing his mother will be unhappy in his absence.

As difficult as it is, try and put yourself in your husband's shoes and empathise with his dilemma. 

The issues with his parents sound like they are something he has grown up with, so his emotional reaction is only a natural response to protect his mother. 

Why not suggest that you and your husband take his mother away on another trip rather than on your honeymoon. 

This will give your husband the reassurance that you have taken on board his concerns.
Whilst you feel that your husband's family problems are not your concern, the reality is that if he is worried about his mother, his worries will be a part of your relationship. 

Try to take a softer and more understanding approach towards your in-laws.