The Indian cookbook for babies and toddlers.

Finally, the Asian answer to Annabel Karmel. Why has no-one thought of this before?.

The superb ‘Indian Super Meals’ has been created by Zainab Jagot Ahmed after being inspired by her own child.

This thoroughly researched cookbook is a comprehensive guide to cooking, with Ahmed’s approach favouring food that the whole family can eat together.

Indian food is often associated with calorie laden curries and deep fried, heart attack inducing concoctions.

Ahmed proves that Indian cooking can be done in a manner that utlises each ingredient to its utmost health benefit without compromising on taste.

She takes all the core ingredients used in traditional cooking and transforms them into something wonderfully healthy and a delight for the taste buds.

This cook book engages the reader with Ahmed’s warm and open dialogue, “I’d put her in her high chair…and wait in anticipation for her response; like a contestant on MasterChef waiting for the judge’s approval.” Well who can’t empathise with that?

The book is clearly divided into age appropriate food sections. With the addition of beautiful photographs and user friendly recipes, Ahmed has devised tasty, nutritious and innovative meals.

The traditional ‘Gajar Halwa’ substitutes sugar with raisins. Genius. And another favourite, ‘Indian Cottage Pie’ is a wonderful twist on the traditional British dish.

The classics such as ‘Keema Curry’ and ‘Aloo Gobi’ are given healthy yet delicious makeovers.

Ahmed has meticulously used creativity in the dishes with innovations such as ‘Sweet Potato and Dhal Curry’, ‘Desi Mac n Cheese’, ‘Indian Risotto’ and ‘Indian Vegetable Paella.’ This is the fun and novel way to get those vital vitamins and ingredients inside your babies and children.

Each recipe is preceded by a break down of the health benefits of the Indian ingredients used. Did you know that cardamon is a natural painkiller for teeting?

‘Indian Super Meals’ is full of lots of quick kitchen to table dishes which are made from scratch – clever, simplified meals, with an average cooking time of 20 minutes, and no reliance on anything processed.

Ahmed thoroughly delves into nutrition and food groups with the reader cooking and learning in the same process.

Did you know that a 9 month old baby’s calorie intake should be approx 800 calories? ‘Indian Super Meals’, with its fusion of the classic Indian recipes to creative dishes is a vital kitchen accessory for any parent.