Dear Massi, I think my wife is racist.

She is forever making racist comments in front of my kids in her own language.

She especially uses bad terms for white and black people. But then whenever anyone seems to look at her the wrong way she accuses them of being racist.

We have spoken about this but it has made no difference. She laughs with her friends and thinks it’s a big joke.

The kids are picking this up and I’m not sure what I can do? P.

Massi Says, You need to address this sooner rather than later as your kids are impressionable. And will pick up on the negative and racist things your wife is saying and thinking that it is okay will be bound to repeat these things to others. I think you need to keep speaking to her about this as she will not let up otherwise and it will only get worse. Try to make her see how she feels when she thinks people are making comments about her and how she thinks that they are racist.

You also need to speak with your children and try to explain to them that what their mother is saying is wrong and not to be repeated. Good luck.