Admit it, some of us have a strange and seemingly dangerous fascination with expensive cars.

Although the issue is not exclusive to just the Asian community there seems to be a sense that parents in recent years have turned a blind eye when their son and in some cases their daughter turns up with a car worth more than their own home.

Some would say there is a strong envious trait in most of us.

In that when we see someone with a flash car we automatically want one ourselves or criticise them for having one.

But someone has to draw the line somewhere.

Many first generation Asians could only have dreamed of driving such prestige cars or for any car for that matter.

For many of those growing up in the eighties and early nineties the Mercedes and Bentley’s of this world were only ever accessible on very very special occasions. Even then parents tended to be very reserved about splashing money out on vehicles of this nature.

But recent years have a seen a massive growth in the number of young Asian drivers in high-powered and very expensive vehicles.

Some Asian neighbourhoods now compete with the likes of Mayfair and Knightsbridge when you look at the number of high-powered cars on display.

That is not to say that the new found wealth is something to be ashamed of.

But one senses a growing resentment of this growth not only from within the communty but also from outside it.

There also tends to be a major difference between the ‘car-enthusiast’ of yesteryear and the present batch.

The car-enthusiast of yesteryear would spend his hard-earned money and a painstaking amount of time on modifying his car.

The last thing he wanted to see was for have it end up in a pile of rubble.

But when you have access to expensive vehicles without having really earned it numerous problems arise.

It is difficult for parents to reign in their children when they have reached a certain age.

But to be totally honest who else is really going to do it? Some responsible car-hire companies do have age limits which they strictly adhere to.

However, it is mind-boggling how some parents will get hire powered vehicles for their sons in their own name.

Or as business owners buy these cars for their sons.

Is it not time to say ‘enough is enough’?

That we can’t continue to spoil our children by catering for their every whim.

That even if they do earn the money themselves with that comes a sense of responsibility.

And if you haven’t got that responsibility then you don’t deserve to be on the roads at all.

With another summer upon us the last thing we want is another needless casualty on the roads.