At what age should young women be encouraged or even be permitted to wear the full face veil?

There have been concerns regarding sightings in North West towns where girls as young as seven have been seen wearing the full face veil.

Why on earth are these girls being encouraged to wear the veil? More importantly CAN a child have a choice in the matter at such a young age?

Remember we are talking of the full face covering here and not the headscarf...unless there is confusion.

Many in the community have no concerns with women who choose to wear the full face veil. The reality is some choose to wear it whilst others are encouraged to do by their family members and elders.

We are not going to get into a debate that has been repeated over and over again in the media. But what we are going to highlight is the consequences associated with young kids wearing the full veil. Is this a step too far?

But if young children are wearing the niqab should not parents intervene? If the parents are encouraging them to wear the full veil at such a young age – is there a need for more education?

Teachers and scholars at Islamic schools need be a little more open to debate on this issue.

This and other issues are not adequately explained to people whilst some less relevant issues are given more and more importance.

We are not living in a closed society with no responsibility for the community around us.

Far too quickly in recent times there is little discussion on particular issues where teachers feel they do not wish to ‘upset’ people beause of their personal views.