In this the second part of her column who Sarvat suffers from Multiple sclerosis and travels in a wheelchair describes her journey to Medina.

After a stay in Makkah our next step was to arrange transport to Medina the city where our beloved Prophet Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him, had been lain to rest. 

We found a Pakistani driver which gave dad great company, I got the three backs seats again having taken my medication rendered me unconscious.

This trip seemed far shorter than the one I remembered in 1998 on a coach crammed full of Haji’s which seemed to take forever, definite advantages of not going with a group!

As we began to unload the car at the’ five star’ it seemed questionable! let’s not judge a book by its cover. 

The Smartly dressed man at the entrance seemed pleasant enough and we were quickly escorted to our room. 

We had specifically booked a disabled friendly room so I was horrified to see a bath in the wash room.

I tried to keep focused on the task at hand, not showering for five days was not going to kill me.

Again, the unanimous decision was made for us all to rest the first day. The city in general was a peaceful and laid-back place with people quietly going about their own business.

The second day we all made the intention to go to Masjid al Nabvi the resting place of our beloved prophet Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him.
The morning had arrived for us to visit the precious masjid, I was both excited and nervous. I had been told there was a window there which was still in view where the beloved angel Gabriel would enter and depart when visiting our prophet (pbuh).
As we approached the number of people increased, this truly magnificent structure and to think I was following in the footsteps of our beloved was deeply moving. 

At one point the ladies had to stop as unfortunately the grave had been barricaded off by white cardboard barriers.

I was deeply disappointed as in 1998 there was wooden trellis as a barrier through which the grave was clearly visible.

There was a huge sign written in Arabic which I took to read here lies the beloved prophet Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him.

It was the closest as I would get but the fact my truly magnificent and incredible prophet lay a few metres away rendered me to a sobbing and emotional wreck of a woman.

My beloved lay here a mere foot away and all I wanted to do was to get to him and sob for all the suffering he had endured to get the true religion to us in its purest form.

The sacrifices and struggles he had made for such an unworthy group made me even more emotional because if it was not for this great man I would never have been a Muslim believing in the one God and declaring Mohammad (pbuh)as his last prophet.

I don’t know quite how long I had been sitting there lost in my thoughts not wanting to move and indeed feeling unable to move my lord to take me back to himself at such a fitting of places. 

The realisation hit me how truly blessed I was as people all over the world pray, indeed beg for this opportunity for where and had been invited twice.

I had so much to thank my Lord for that if I was to begin to write it down I would run out of paper and indeed ink as the abundance was so great.

I would be leaving this beautiful city in a matter of days, returning to reality. 

Reality meant shopping, I had clearly stated to all I they would be receiving  zam-zam (blessed water)  and dates as I was in no fit state to shop. 

Once the trip began we came across many Pakistani shop vendors who would say ’lay lay’ which meant take it, take it to which I responded ‘give it, give it’  - I also added the words ‘Muffat, Muffat’ which translates as FREE FREE!

At this point I was beginning to enjoy myself as we all spoke the same language, Urdu.

The next shop I tackled was a Jubbah (long coat like over dress garment) I asked the price and he replied with a ludicrous price! I smiled and said, ‘I am thinking of buying five’ to which he replied you choose what you like and I’m a sure we can come to some agreement’. 

Surely enough I proceed to choose the five and we agreed on a reasonable price. 

We are now preparing to leave. 

Getting packed up I am both somber and delighted. I have completed my Umrah, achieved my goal against all odds my Allah had given me the opportunity to return and perform this blessed journey.

On having returned home I am keen to try and walk with my rollator, (Zimmer frame with wheels). 

All the time I had been away I had continued my physiotherapy every day, sometimes as many as three times a day as I needed to do whatever was in my power to get me back on my feet.

I grasp the frame with both hands and unbelievably I begin to walk, my steps are slow and cautious at first then my confidence builds I realise I can now walk from the living room to the kitchen a distance of 5 metres.

Sounds pathetic to an able-bodied person but for me who was incapable of walking around the living room is I true miracle. I began to cry oh my lord you answered my prayers. I asked and I was given. 

Thank you Allah as every step is a step I thought I would never take.