When it comes to looking perfect are some women just taking it a step too far? And what to men actually think of women who wear far too much makeup?

A survey from YouGov found that 63 per cent of men believe that the main reason women wear makeup is to trick people into thinking they’re more attractive than they really are.

The survey further found that 47 per cent of women said they put makeup on for the sake of men.

We asked some male readers if they felt deceived by women who wear makeup.

Altaf, 32, said women who wear excess makeup have left him a little disillusioned. “I’m meeting lots of women as I am looking to get married.

“Wearing a lot of makeup is one thing, but when I get sent filtered photos from women, that annoys me a lot.

“They never look anything like their pictures. 

“They use Snapchat filters to make themselves look flawless and then they crop the photo to make it look like a regular photo.
“This has happened to me so many times.

“It’s tricking me into thinking they are something they’re not. And then when we meet, they look nothing like their pictures, but they have layers of makeup on.

“When we went to one woman’s house, it was prayer time and she said she couldn’t do namaz as doing wudu would ruin her makeup.

“That’s taking wearing makeup too far.”

Raheem, 25, agrees with the survey and describes makeup as ‘deceitful.’

He said, “Fashion and trends have changed I guess. But those thick coloured in arched eyebrows - if women think that makes them look more attractive, they are wrong.

“Nowadays Asian girls all seem to be wearing coloured contact lenses.

“It is deceitful. Why pretend to be something else?

“What’s worse is the girls that make themselves look fairer with light coloured foundation and then they add that shiny highlighter.
“Girls need to know, highlighter makes you look fake.”

Farhan says women he speaks to believe that Asian men want them to look flawless.

He said: “Why would any man want their partner to look like a doll? It is okay blaming men but how is this our fault?

“It is the makeup artists and their friends who sell this idea to women. 

“It is the same way a good muscular body is something we men think will attract us a good partner.”

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The character ‘Nasreen’ made world famous by YouTuber Rahim Pardesi is among those who have lampooned people’s fascination with makeup.

Adil, who has been married for 12 years, says he has learnt to adjust to his wife’s penchant for heavy makeup.

“What can I do, she loves to slap it on.

“I hate the stains on the pillows. I hate the smell of it. I haven’t kissed her cheeks in years.

“She says she does it for me, so that I find her attractive. 

“So why does she wear so much when she goes out with her friends?

He has concerns for his daughter, “My issue is that our daughter is turning 10 and my wife is putting makeup on her and curling her hair. 

“They sit together watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

“I couldn’t stop my wife, but I’m going to try my best to stop my daughter from turning into her mother.”