A week or so on from the terror attack in London we can take a more balanced look at the reaction of groups and individuals.

It now transpires that the perpetrator of the attack at Westminster may well have carried out the attack without having been influenced by others.

It probably explains that the overall response was not as paranoid with what we have seen of other attacks across Europe.

At the time though, like with most terror attacks in recent years we have two sets of Muslims coming to the fore.

We have those who want to shout from the roof tops about how any terror attacks conducted by a Muslim does not represent them and we have a similar amount of folk who will pretend this was some sort of set-up.

In the past week I heard from both sets in equal amounts.

Of course there is nothing wrong with condemning the actions of extremists and terrorists. In the past Muslims were damned if they spoke out and damned if they didn’t.

This case was not different.

But I do find a growing number simply doing it to ensure they had some TV air time or some form of publicity.

It is one of the reasons why some Muslim groups aiming to tackle extremism have failed so miserably of late.

Groups and individuals soon lose their focus and are more concerned with gaining publicity for the minimal amount of impact they have had in the community.

It soon becomes a business of appeasing non-Muslims and in this case specific government directives. Anyone who then challenges this notion is tainted forever.

There actually is no difference between the modern groups aiming to appease funding bodies and some of our forefathers who in the eighties would bend over backwards to assist their relevant backers.

We may have moved on thirty years but how easy we can all become reliant on appeasing those who assist us and help to propel us to some sort of significance.

Sorry, they may not like to hear these words but you only have to scroll through social media and find yourself swamped by a range of groups and individuals who comment for the sake of commenting.

All in the vain hope that some media outlet will pick-up their opinions.

Even more worrying is that we now have a situation with a whole host of groups and individuals aiming to belittle each other in the vain hope that they will be the ones who gain forthcoming measly contracts and are then taken into the inner-workings of anti-radicalisation legislation.

One thing is for sure we are in the midst of battle for hearts of minds of Muslims – but Muslims are not interested in hearing the familiar narratives from the familiar faces.

On the flip side it was embarrassing to hear educated people sharing conspiracy theories about how the Westminster attack was a set-up.

You might well think this as preposterous but there was a great belief amongst some Muslims that by staging terror attacks particular groups can benefit in some way.

We are very much against anything that might make Islam look bad. And we will find reasons to challenge this even it means twisting facts to suit our belief.