‘Wife wanted. Slim. Pretty. Fair skinned. Cultural. And willing to wear tight jeans in the home only'.

Isn’t today’s Asian man brimming with chivalry? Well the above male should at least be applauded for his honesty and his candid fetish revelation.

Many Asians today will attest to the fact that finding a spouse is hard.

According to the single Asian man, Asian women today are too fussy and have too much choice available to them in terms of life partners.

According to Asian women, today’s Asian man just doesn’t have the full package required for marriage material.

So what are these poor singletons to do? Place a profile on an online matrimonial website or an ad in their local Asian newspaper/radio station, of course.

Personals are a thriving business. There are of course those that will scoff. But this is a successful means according to the testimonials of these respective websites who boast a high percentage of marriages.

These forums allow people to screen the unwanted’s and filter out the undesirables in a very diplomatic way, without having to endure the polite niceties that a date requires.

In fact, it is one of the few occasions in life when one is allowed to be overly fastidious and fussy, like when placing an ad for a job, without judgement or the fear of repercussion.

For example, there is the woman who clearly stated that she does not want any potential applicant’s to ever call her ‘Honey’ ‘Sweety’ or ‘Cupcake,’ because, as she so shrewdly points out, ‘I am not a dessert and cannot be eaten.’ No comment.

Times have changed. Once upon a time parents undertook this arduous responsibility themselves. They searched households far and wide for the perfect son/daughter-in-law all whilst guzzling traditional snacks laid out in their honour.

But parents today seem to have taken a more liberal (loosely translated as lazy) approach, and would rather spend their Sunday afternoons attached to their digital drama viewing.

So the onus now lies on the single man or woman to embark on this journey in a manner that you would approach any business venture.

Like the alluring prospective that clearly stated his requirements, “I am a kushti player and several times runner up in contests. I want a woman who also enjoys kushti.”

Finding love is never without its full set of trials and tribulations. But this Cilla Black meets social networking avenue is proving to be the way forward for those Asians hoping that cupid will work his magic in a systematic and proactive way.